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Get 30% OFF on ARGO Content Generator and Plugins

Get the industry leading automatic SEO Website and WordPress Auto Blogging tool. Create PBN/MFA/Doorway sites fully automated. Create sites faster than ever before. Click here for more details!

Get 30% OFF on ARGO Backlink Automation Bot

Easily get backlinks from hundreds or even thousands of different properties to diversify your backlink profile and increase ranking. Click here for more details!

Get 50% OFF on FinalCloak the Ultimate Cloaking Solution

For a short time you can get our private server side cloaker using a new cloaking method to detect search engine bots fully automated without the need for IP list updates. Click here for more details!

Get 30% OFF on Proxy Raider - Next Gen Proxy Scraper and Scanner

Never pay for Proxies again! With Proxy Raider you can scan and scrape thousands of HTTP proxy servers anytime you need them. Click here for more details!

Get 30% OFF on Expired Domain Spider

Easily scan and scrape expired domains for your SEO projects! Click here for more details!

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ARGO Content Generator 30% OFF

The tool loved by professional SEO's and internet marketers around the globe! Everyone knows this simple fact: the more sites you got, the more traffic you receive and the more traffic, the more sales you get. If you are making money online with advertisement in any form, then this tool is for you. Build private networks (PBNs), Affiliate websites, MFA, Doorway, Landing pages and much more - all fully automated! You can create content rich websites with thousands of pages in literally seconds. promote products faster and easier than ever before.

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  • Content Generation
  • Markov Chains
  • Exclusive Pseudo Markov for more readability
  • Thesaurus Synonymization for almost any language
  • Additional custom User created Thesaurus support
  • Nested Spintax
  • Randomized Interlinking
  • Keyword Permutation
  • Smart backlinks distribution within the text
  • Comes with over 30 ready to use themes
  • Easily use any existing Theme or Website Template
  • Dynamic placeholder system
  • Create Sitemaps (HTML and Google Sitemap) and RSS feeds
  • Professional Website Scraper with xpath and regex support
  • Google Text and Youtube Video Scraper
  • Auto generate complete CSS design
  • Randomized and controlled Keyword distribution within titles and text
  • Add selected pictures,videos or code randomly into content
  • Upload generated sites directly to your server
  • And many more features!
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Wordpress Auto Blogging in Steroids

With this software you can also fully automate the creation of Wordpress blogs. The program can install and configure Wordpress on your servers, install themes and plugins, create posts/pages/categories all on autopilot.

  • Configure general settings, permalinks, widgets and themes
  • Easily installs and activates new themes
  • Create posts or pages
  • Keywords and tags randomly selected from files
  • Include images and video within posts or pages
  • Automatic interlinking
  • Automatic plugin installation from a list of plugins
  • Automatic wordpress update on unlimited amount of wp-installs
  • Automatic server side wordpress installation in < 1min
  • Mass mode - posting to multiple sites at once
  • Article mode - post articles to either a single blog or a list of blogs.
  • Scheduler to create posts after a defined amount of time
  • Scheduled timed posts in the future (no need to keep argo running)
  • Automatically add code (affiliate banner, tracking code etc) into sidebar text widget
  • Categories creation
  • Optimized markov and spintax handling
  • Automatic widget configuration and order
  • HTTP Authentication (htaccess) support
  • Much more features!
State of the art Article Scraper and Auto Spinner included
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Article scraper and AUTO SPINNER with INTERNAL synonym and phrase databases! That means you don't need any service like Spinnerchief or Word AI, ARGO can scrape and turn articles into spintax easily. The scraper can gather articles and store them in an internal SQL database for later use (no need for an external database server, its all handled by a single application).

Incl. Auto Spinning in English, Russian, German, Spanish, Dutch and Polish (more to come) WITHOUT THE NEED FOR ANY EXTERNAL SERVICES!

Watch the demo video to see the scraper in action:


A single license is $300 $210
+ Taxes one time and comes with free updates!
Now you can get it 30% OFF with code: BF2020
You can order your license here:

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BONUS: Pay with PayPal and get the Keyword scraper plugin free on top, just send an email after purchase with the transaction ID to get your free copy!

ARGO Plugins

ARGO Content Generator has a plugin system to load additional functions into the main application. It comes with a few free plugins, but there are also some commercial plugins such as an advanced image scraper and keyword scraper. For BlackFriday you can get those plugins also 30% off! Find out more on the plugins page: ARGO plugins

ARGO Backlink Bot - 30% OFF

The ARGO Backlink Bot (ABB) is a easy to use backlink solution. Unlike other tools that require a lot of configuration steps, this bot makes it as simple as possible to quickly gather backlinks to your website(s). Of course you can also use it for tiered linking, or to create linkwheels. This bot was specifically created for use along with ARGO content generator to help in indexing PBNs and getting them ranked faster. The bot can work in 2 modes – using a scraped link list, or by scraping targets on its own.

  • Supports Over 25 Backlink Platforms
  • Automatic Platform Detection
  • Multithreaded
  • Internal URL Scraper
  • No Need For Own Emails, Verification Is Fully Automated
  • HTTP Proxy Support
  • Pure Sockets Implementation, No Insecure Webbrowser Controls
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Mode 1 – Linklist:
If you scrape your own url list, then you can load it into the software and ABB will use the supplied urls and try to post to them. The bot can locate comment and registration forms on its own, no need to point it directly to the page with the forms like in other bots.

Mode 2 – Scraping:
If you don’t know how to scrape urls, or you simply don’t want to, you can use the included scraper that will gather links automatically. Just enable the “Scrape Targets” checkbox and select how many search result pages deep should be crawled. That way the bot will run through several search engines such as Google, Bing, Rambler, Ecosia and more to find potential targets. You can find (and edit) the footprints it uses as well as the wordlist too of course. It scrapes in the format of “footprint + word”.

Demo Video:


A single license is $149 $104,30
+ Taxes one time and comes with free updates!
Now you can get it 30% OFF with code: BF2020
You can order your license here:

FinalCloak - 50% OFF

What is FinalCloak?

FinalCloak is a high-end cloaking solution for users already familiar with cloaking (though in theory its easy to use/learn). It is using a new method to detect spider bots that no other cloaker on the market is currently using! Its been in use since 2014 on literally thousands of domains by a trusted user base and sofar non of the sites were banned.

How does it work?

Other cloakers rely on IP lists that require updates and FinalCloak makes that obsolete by creating the list dynamically on its own. It does that by explaoiting certain rules that all "friendly" search engine bots follow by design, otherwise they get labeled as "bad bots" which non of them want, not even google. There are also many watchdogs who monitor spider behaviour, so they have to follow certain rules. FinalCloak is using those to detect bots before they even reach the website and can so redirect bots and users to different landing pages. The exact details on how it works exactly stay secret for obvious reasons ;) Usually the IP list is the point that makes other cloakers unreliable at times, as 1 new bot IP that isn't in the db can lead to the cloaker being detected. It can also redirect based on a list of keywords to multiple affiliate landers since the last update!

How to use it?

Its self hosted and pretty simple to use if you worked with PHP scripts or Wordpress plugins before. It comes in 2 versions (both included), one is a easy to use plugin for wordpress and the other a standalone PHP script that can be included in any PHP based website. Its working with any Apache based hosting (but can be adapted for other httpds too, however support is only available for Apache). The software works with PHP5 and PHP7 !
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How much does it cost?

IP list updates for cloaking are not cheap and subscription based, for example the old market leader shadowmaker costs about $3500 along with a yearly subscription to get IP list updates for $350. FinalCloak has a onetime price of $1000 500 euro for BlackFriday and does not require any subscription (and you can use it on all your own domains, but group buys are forbidden and get banned, so please respect that). That means you can safe a big chunk of money! (This is what some cloaking services charge monthly!)

How to purchase?

Normally this software is private and only available to ARGO Content customers, for BlackFriday its shortly available to the public!
After payment is made, just send an email to support@argo-content.com with the title "final cloak purchase" and include the transaction ID from PayPal. We will then send you your license and download link within 24h.

Please don't hesitate to email us, if you should have any questions!

Proxy Raider - Next Gen Proxy Scanner and Scraper 30% OFF

Fresh google verified proxies at your fingertips, whenever you need them. Proxy Raider is a super fast proxy scanner and scraper. It can find and verify hundreds if not thousands of proxies in a few minutes. To locate proxies it will scrape a list of pre-defined proxy sites (that can be extended freely), or use Google to search and scrape proxy IP’s. Once found it will verify if they work, how fast they are and what GEO location they have.

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  • Scanning of class A to C IP ranges for an unlimited amount of ports
  • Ability to scan each class C of a loaded IP list for additional proxies
  • Unique randomized IP generator to scan for proxies
  • Scraping of proxy IP’s from websites (proxy lists)
  • Search Engine Scraping of sites that list proxies (and extraction + verification of IPs in one process)
  • Heuristic scraping: de-obfuscation of proxy IP+port on websites that use javascript to hide the data
  • Javascript unpacker (sandboxed)
  • Verification of proxy lists against Google or custom sites
  • Verification of private proxy lists that require authentication
  • Ability to use internal proxies for scraping
  • Proxy type (Anonym/Transparent) and speed analysis
  • Internal GEO IP database
  • Multithreads (unlimited)
  • Pure sockets implementation, no insecure webbrowser controls
  • Blacklist of IP ranges to avoid (mostly .gov and .mil)


A single license is $49 $33
one time and comes with free updates!
Now you can get it 30% OFF with code: BF2020
You can order your license here:

Expired Domain Spider - 30% OFF

The Expired Domain Spider is easy to use and can even be used by beginners. Finding Expired Domains has never been easier, just let the program collect domains for you and filter them based on your desired keywords. Wether you need a domain to kickstart your SEO efforts or multiple to build a PBN, this tool will help you out. Other Software Solutions Require a Subscription, the ARGO Expired Domain Finder is a Onetime Only Payment! Watch the demo videos to see the software in action:

Expired Domain Scanner Demonstration

Expired Domain Web Spider Demonstration

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A single license is $120 $97
one time and comes with free updates!
Now you can get it 30% OFF with code: BF2020
You can order your license here:

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