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With the Expired Domain Spider Software from ARGO Content.

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Scan Domains

Easily scan lists of thousands of domains to see if they are expired.

Spider the Web

The Software can crawl the internet to find expired domains through backlinks on other websites, so you know the expired domains already have backlinks.


Get results fast with multiple threads running at once to find expired domains for you.

Get Expired Domains fully automated, watch the demo videos!

Do you want to know how to find expired domains? Just have a look at the demo videos to see how fast the software can find expired domains for you in seconds. In a matter of minutes you can have hundreds or even thousands of expired domains, ready for you to grab and use for your next SEO project(s)!

Expired Domain Scanner Demonstration

Expired Domain Web Spider Demonstration

With this software you can easily collect plenty of expired Domains fast, whenever you need them!
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Professional software from a senior developer with +20 years experience in programming and SEO!

Why Are Expired Domains So Valuable?

Professional internet marketers and SEO's use expired domains for various reasons, here are some of the main benefits of using old domains compared to registering a completely new domain for your project:

Backlink Profile

Expired domains in most cases already have an existing backlink profile, so you can save the work to build backlinks yourself or save money hiring someone to do it for you.

Easier to Rank

Since these have been established domains with a backlink profile, its also easier to rank these sites on search engines like Google and Bing, compared to a completely new domain.

Cheap Price

If you buy an established domain from an auction site, you have to pay high prices for already established domains. When you find a good expired domain, you can register it for the normal registration cost of that TLD.

Other Software Solutions Require a Subscription

The ARGO Expired Domain Finder is a Onetime Only Payment!


For a onetime fee you can use the software as much as you like, without volume limits.

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$120+Taxes (One Time Only!)

Including free updates for all of the 1.x versions!