FinalCloak - Semi Private SEO Cloaker

Advanced Software With Custom Cloaking Method and Dynamic Bot IP Detection!

What is FinalCloak?

FinalCloak is a high-end cloaking solution for users already familiar with cloaking (though in theory its easy to use/learn). It is using a new method to detect spider bots that no other cloaker on the market is currently using! Its been in use since 2014 on literally thousands of domains by a trusted user base and sofar non of the sites were banned.

How does it work?

Other cloakers rely on IP lists that require updates and FinalCloak makes that obsolete by creating the list dynamically on its own. It does that by explaoiting certain rules that all "friendly" search engine bots follow by design, otherwise they get labeled as "bad bots" which non of them want, not even google. There are also many watchdogs who monitor spider behaviour, so they have to follow certain rules. FinalCloak is using those to detect bots before they even reach the website and can so redirect bots and users to different landing pages. The exact details on how it works exactly stay secret for obvious reasons ;) Usually the IP list is the point that makes other cloakers unreliable at times, as 1 new bot IP that isn't in the db can lead to the cloaker being detected. It can also redirect based on a list of keywords to multiple affiliate landers since the last update!

How to use it?

Its self hosted and pretty simple to use if you worked with PHP scripts or Wordpress plugins before. It comes in 2 versions (both included), one is a easy to use plugin for wordpress and the other a standalone PHP script that can be included in any PHP based website. Its working with any Apache based hosting (but can be adapted for other httpds too, however support is only available for Apache). The software works with PHP5 and PHP7 !
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How much does it cost?

IP list updates for cloaking are not cheap and subscription based, for example the old market leader shadowmaker costs about $3500 along with a yearly subscription to get IP list updates for $350. FinalCloak has a onetime price of $1000 499 euro and does not require any subscription (and you can use it on all your own domains, but group buys are forbidden and get banned, so please respect that). That means you can save a big chunk of money! (This is what some cloaking services charge monthly!)


The software works best with the Apache webserver and PHP7 (PHP5 is also supported). While it can also work with OpenLiteSpeed or Nginx, it is recommended to use Apache. Any caching should be disabled as it could interfere with cloaking.

How to purchase?

Normally this software is private and only available to ARGO Content customers, but now you have the chance to get a copy as well!
After purchase we will then send you your license and download link within 24h.

Please don't hesitate to email us, if you should have any questions!


You can find our terms of service here: ToS

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