ARGOcloak – Advanced Cloaking Solution For WordPress


Imagine how much traffic you lose on your own landing/buffer pages that just doesn’t click through to the offer you are promoting! Now you can send all that traffic DIRECTLY to your affiliate/CPA network, which usually results in higher commissions. Normally its not so easy to rank a site for a keyword and then once it ranks, change the offer to a different one. You risk losing the position in the SERPs when you change the content/layout. With ARGOcloak you can just rank the site and leave it as is, while exchanging affiliate urls on the fly and within seconds. All your human traffic will be directed to the landing page you define in the settings, while bots keep seing the original site. That way you don’t lose ranking and can test offers in realtime! Perfect for split testing landing pages. Of course cloaking can be risky too, but we’ve been testing the plugin since end of 2015 and out of nearly 500 blogs, sofar not a single one has been deindexed! (For those tests we only used IP and UA cloaking methods with rDNS checks). While users of the well known shadowmaker software been struggling with massive deindexing issues since over a year now, the combination of sites created with argo content and cloaked with ARGOcloak seems to last fine even after the recent google algorithm updates! So as you see, it’s not just a method for “churn & burn” campaigns, but you can get long term results aswell!

Requirements: PHP5 and latest IonCube Loader 5
(Only tested on Linux/BSD so we only officially support these systems,
but other OS’s likely work aswell.)

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