In order for you to see ARGO content in action we prepared some quick demo sites to show what can be done within a few minutes and without much effort. All we did was we took 2 wikipedia articles and scraped a bit of text, added very little spintax (manually without spinnerchief API) and some synonymization words tagged with [syn] to be synonymized with the included english thesaurus. Then we added a few random pictures from google images and selected a handfull keywords (about 8 different pairs). To see the base text and keywords we used – Click here. Really not much, right?A few minutes work and you can use these type of sites perfectly as link source for your money pages, or even as money page directly. However this is just ment as demonstration to see how ARGO content can be used, of course you can produce much better results with larger (+spinned) base text, more keywords and pictures!

Note! These sites were created years ago and are still indexed, ARGO has since been updated with much more great features such as the auto-spinner to synonymize text without the need of any external software in multiple languages!

DEMO Version Download

You can download a limited demo version to see the program in action. Please keep in mind that due to the nature of the application, we have to limit a lot of its features, so the base text is hardcoded and many features are restricted. however you can still generate test websites and post to wordpress blogs (aswell as try out some other features like the article scraper).
The application works on all of the current windows versions. No installation is required, you can start the application right after you extracted it. Please read the included textfiles first for a quick start guide.

Download Link: ARGO content demo version
SHA256: 5fb69a2797a3a63103a3079f4c97444ea4adc83b13a294a971b76a0c78b66067
MD5: dedcf025bf6dc2fefc18ab1400db59f8

Virus Total Scan: https://virustotal.com/en/file/5fb69a2797a3a631…

WordPress Demo

The following blog is a demonstration of the WordPress Automation (CMS mode):

Demo 1 – Blog: http://wpdemo1.argo-content.com

Website Generator Demonstration

Since the default example themes are a bit older, in 2021 we released a new responsive theme generator plugin to create modern themes automatically.
You can see some demo’s of themes that it can create here: Demo Theme1 | Demo Theme2 | Demo Theme3 | Demo Theme4

Here is a (08/2015) responsive HTML5/CSS3 one-page theme demo created with our software. We just copied some short text block as base text from our own website (to be manipulated by argo’s text algorithms) and used a handful keywords. This is done to demonstrate that even with little effort you can create stunning auto generated websites with ARGO, checkout the demo5:

Demo page 5: http://demo5.argo-content.com

The second demo page is created with a random free CSS theme downloaded from the internet, modified to be used with argo content by putting the argo placeholders in place.

Demo page 2: http://demo2.argo-content.com

The third demo is a very simple theme created with the builtin CSS generator. This time we included placeholder images for banner ads, so you can see how the placement of the various ads could look.

Demo page 3: http://demo3.argo-content.com

The last demo is made with an up to date HTML5 and CSS3 theme. The content is real markov text, meaning that its less readable for humans, but works very well for spiderbots and cloaking.

Demo page 4: http://demo4.argo-content.com

The first 3 HTML demo sites have been uploaded at 08.09.2011 and were completely indexed by google on 09.09.2011, even though the text quality is extremely low and could be much more unique and randomized. As you can see it clearly works and with a little effort, you can produce well ranking pages in no time.

Again, please note that these are demo pages and as such made with little effort!

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