Version 1.8.0 Screenshots:

On this page you can see some of the main features, however ARGO content has more functionality builtin and it is constantly being updated with new exciting features! Also please keep in mind that this is not the final GUI (user interface) and might change anytime.

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Main Interface

ARGO has tabs to easily switch between the main configuration and status windows. The first tab contains the settings for the main site generation mode. The second tab holds the configuration options for the WordPress automation mode. The last tab is the status window that shows details about the creation process.

Web Scraper:

The builtin Web Scraper enables you to copy text from remote Websites. With the help of XPath and Regex, the text can be professionally cleaned from unwanted tags and code.
There is also a Google text scraper and a Youtube video scraper included.

CSS Generator:

With this simple yet powerful CSS generator you can create complete themes on the fly. Its just a matter of chosing the layout options through the checkboxes, or manually select the colors you want to use through a color picker. Once you have generated a theme that you like, you can save it as ARGO template for later use.

SSH/SCP Client:

The internal SCP (Secure Copy) client based on the SSH protocol makes it easy for you to upload the generated websites to your Server. Most if not all dedicated servers and VPS Systems have it enabled by default, so you just need to know your username, password and where your webroot directoy is.

Keyword Permutation:

Just enter a few keywords (at least 3 for best performance) and you will get all possible combinations in the lenght of 1-4 words to be used as keywords. Easily generate keyword lists with hundreds, even thousands of keywords in no time.

+ Much more!
ARGO comes with many extra tools and also provides an extensive plugin architecture to load extra functionality into the program.

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