SEO Website Creator, WordPress Auto Blog Solution and Doorway Generator all in one!

ARGO content is a website and content generator, capable of creating hundreds if not thousand of pages completely automated. Once configured you can create various thematically identical and SEO optimized sites for your selected niche! The software is a desktop application built for the windows operating system and was tested with all major versions starting from XP, followed by Vista/7/8 up to Windows 10 and the server editions such as Win2k3 and Win2k8.

The software uses your text and creates thousands of new readable versions through its proprietary “pseudo markov” algorithm. No other application can provide you this functionality since it has exclusively been written for ARGO content! Of course you also have the ability to use the classic markov algorithm that will create unique content especially suitable for cloaking pages.

These algorithms combined with a thesaurus for synonymization and spintax lead to text that search engines will not view as duplicate content. Aside from the existing thesauri, a custom user created thesaurus can be used. Together with your selected keywords and images, ARGO content will create a complete website that is thematically optimized to your niche! Deppending on your configuration, it will also include advertising banners or other affiliate scripts and even videos.

Creating a niche page with thousands of subpages only takes a few seconds!

Once generated, you can easily upload the website to your server through the internal scp client. Because the sites are highly interlinked (if the user chooses to interlink), usually search engine spiders index the pages very well. You can create direct money pages to promote affiliate offers, or build an army of sites that act as link source for your money pages! More advanced users can use it for cloaking as it will produce perfect “spiderfood”.

With the flexible placeholder system it is possible to adapt almost any existing themes to be used with ARGO content. Aside from the included default theme, you can also create your very own, without knowledge of CSS or HTML! The included simple CSS generator does everything automated, you just have to select how the layout should look and click a button. ARGO content will then generate a complete randomized design for you. With the color picker, you can also quickly select the colors that each CSS element should have, if you want specific colors to be used. Have a look at some of the demo pages to get a better understanding of what is possible with the ARGO content generator.

As a bonus you get more than 30 ready to use website templates, some even with up to date HTML5 and CSS3!

WordPress Auto Blogging
As of version 1.6.0 WordPress support has been included within ARGO content. That means you can create blogs fully automated – of course multithreaded (for example you could create 50 ore more blogs at the same time)! ARGO does the initial configuration (permalink structure and such), installs Themes/Plugins, Creates Blog Posts or Pages with Randomized Keywords and Tags. Categories are also supported and everything can neatly be interlinked. You can also let the program add images and videos with a randomized percentage of posts that have images and/or videos included to make it more random.

Since version 1.7.0 it is now also possible to let ARGO do the complete WordPress installation on your Server(s). It will create all the necessary things such as MySQL user/database, setup directories, download and install the WordPress core, run the web-install and pre-configure it ready to be used with argo. There is also a mass mode to create unlimited domains or sub-domains with complete wp installs.

Content Generator
The sophisticated content creation algorithm’s allow you to create any type of site you want. Absolutely Google Safe text guaranteed!
Sites generated with our Software survived ALL Google updates since 2011!

There is an thesaurus available to be used with our program for each of the following languages:

Supported Languages

Afrikaans (South Africa)
Amharic (Ethiopia)
Arabic (North Africa and Middle East)
Armenian (Eastern)
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan, Iran)
Belarusian (Belarus )
Bengali (Bangladesh, India)
Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
Chichewa (Malawi)
Coptic (North Africa)
Croatian (Croatia)
Czech (Czech Republic)
Danish (Denmark)
Dutch (Netherlands)
English (AU,CA,GB,NZ,US,ZA)
Esperanto (anywhere)
Estonian (Estonia)
Faroese (Faroe Islands)
Persian (Iran)
Fijian (Fiji)
Finnish (Finland)
French (France, …)
Frisian (Netherlands)
Friulian (Italy)
Galician (Spain)
Gascon (France)
German (Germany, …)
Greek (Greece)
Gujarati (India)
Hawaiian (United States)
Hebrew (Israel)
Hindi (India)
Hungarian (Hungary)
Icelandic (Iceland)
Indonesian (Indonesia)
Interlingua (x-register)
Irish (Ireland)
Italian (Italy)
Kashubian (Poland)
Khmer (Cambodia)
Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)
Kiswahili (East Africa)
Kurdish (Turkey, Syria)
Latin (x-register)
Latvian (Latvia)
Lingala (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Lithuanian (Lithuania)
Luxembourgish (Luxembourg)
Malagasy (Madagascar)
Malay (Malaysia)
MÄori (Aotearoa)
Macedonian (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
Marathi (India)
Malayalam (India)
Mongolian (Mongolia)
Ndebele (South Africa)
Nepali (Nepal)
Northern Sotho (South Africa)
Norwegian (Norway)
Occitan (France)
Oriya (India)
Papiamentu (Netherlands Antilles)
Persian (Iran)
Polish (Poland)
Portuguese (Portugal + Brasil)
Punjabi (India)
Quechua (Bolivia)
Quichua (Ecuador)
Romanian (Romania)
Scottish Gaelic (Scotland)
Serbian (Serbia, Republic Srpska)
Setswana (Africa)
Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
Slovak (Slovakia)
Slovenian (Slovenia)
Southern Sotho (South Africa)
Spanish (Spain, …)
Swazi/Swati (South Africa)
Swedish (Sweden)
Tagalog (Philippines)
Tamil (India)
Tetum (Indonesia)
Thai (Thailand)
Tsonga (South Africa)
Ukrainian (Ukraine)
Urdu (Pakistan, India)
Uzbek (Uzbekistan)
Venda (South Africa)
Vietnamese (Vietnam)
Wayunaiki (Venezuela)
Welsh (Wales)
Xhosa (South Africa)
Yiddish (International)
Zulu (Africa)

+ More features are currently being implemented!

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